More to know

Enter the beloved Kassi. Well, she’s beloved by me obviously as I’ve been a large part of the Kassi Fan Club, but I know for a fact that I’m not alone & I’m not just talking about her fiance (another fine Rocky talent in his own right).

Charles. your point would be valid if public shows were meant to be seen by performers only. But they are not, they are meant to be paid for by an audience. They are meant to entertain an audience. Therefore, someone who has performed onstage has the LEAST ability to judge a show because they can no longer see it from the viewpoint of an audience.. they know too much of what goes into it and notice things an audience never would. If I go by your logic then if you go to a restaurant and say that the food is awful, my reply is “you can not get your money back because you have never cooked before, i’m sorry, but because of this your opinion just doesn’t count.”

I know I could say those same very words (and infact, may have at some point), but they carry a lot more validity from Kassi. While I hesitate to put words in others’ mouths, I likewise know that similar sentiments have been expressed by others involved in Rocky.

I’ll respectfully disagree on one count that Kassi makes, though. That someone who’s cast cannot review the show with the same type of objectivity. On average, that point may be valid. But there are a few souls out there who have and would get an open invite should they care to share their insight into a Rocky performance. I know if Jim wanted to do so … all he has to do is say the word. While Jef & I have our sources of disagreement, I’ve got enough respect for his judgement regarding the show to do the same. If I want a lighthearted take on the show, Uber is always an email away. And if I want to just mess with everyone’s heads during the show, I’ll have Mina do a review … SOBER! To be sure, there’s more. But it takes a certain breed who can say something beyond: “Everyone did great.” Nevertheless, one tip of the hat to Kassi.

Sidenote: In case anyone’s concerned about objectivity here, its worth noting that I’ve had plenty of bad reviews for Kassi. I believe they all involved her early portrayals of Crim when she was either sick, forced to work lights in addition, and/or not planning on being cast for that show.